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Regenerative Leadership and Business

Biomimicry is attuning human behaviour with the wider world. Regenerative Leadership is driven by a range of systemic challenges from globalisation to climate breakdown. It proposes new leadership logic where organisations flourish, ecosystems thrive and people feel alive. The growing importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and Circular Economics shows things are changing.

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Science Based Targets for Financial Institutions

The organisation Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) supports companies in setting and meeting emissions targets in line with the Paris Agreement. Ahead of COP 26, every financial decision needs to take climate change into account. SBTi has launched a financial sector framework to which, currently, 58 financial institutions from 22 countries have committed.

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Coping with the Climate Crisis

Psychotherapist Rosemary Randell has put together a series of six short videos on how we respond to the climate crisis emotionally. She talks about disavowal and the feelings associated with climate distress. She considers emotions around grief, how to support others and the extremes of hope and despair. She concludes by discussing the “climate journey”.

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The Path to Net Zero: Climate Assembly UK Report

REAL Sustainability takes a look at The Climate Assembly UK report The Path to Net Zero. The citizens’ assembly was commissioned in 2019 by politicians to consider how to achieve net zero by 2050. It strongly supported the principles of education and fairness. Recommendations considered travel, home, food and land use, goods, power generation, GHG removal and COVID-19 recovery.

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Imagining a Regenerative Economy with John Fullerton

John Fullerton joined nRhthym for a webinar to discuss the regenerative economy. John is the founder of The Capital Institute and architect of Regenerative Economics. He discusses some of the eight core principles. Human society is a living system; we need an economy that behaves like a living system. He gives insight into his influences and the importance of self-reflection.

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