What we choose to eat and drink have a direct impact to producers, wildlife, our ecosystem and the climate. Learn more about how you can achieve a healthy, balanced diet whilst reducing your carbon footprint with our expertly curated content and resources.
We must eat and drink to sustain our own lives but the evidence shows that our current eating and drinking habits are often at the expense of the lives of plants, animals and some of the poorest workers in the world. The industry is enormous and at times the myriad of issues can seem overwhelming – from plastic packaging to palm oil to pesticides, let alone the carbon miles of importing food grown out-of-season.
Despite businesses and individuals being aware of many of the issues for the past two decades, reforming habits has often been seen as the preserve of the left-leaning, middle classes. However the past two years has seen some encouraging movement such as a focus on food packaging by the UK government to the dramatic increase in popularity of eating more plant based diets.
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