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Alicia Ruegera

Join the Community – How can Fashion Declares support you leading change?

Fashion Declares is a grassroots movement, aimed at supporting those within the fashion industry who are passionate about tackling the social and environmental issues of the industry, through radical transparency and corporate governance.
The climate emergency has been a huge concern for over 30 years ago, yet only relatively recently are we beginning to understand how incredibly fragile it is and how huge the impact of human activity is on the environment.

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Dvora Photography, Northern Fashion Week

Fashion Communications in the Climate, Ecological and Social Emergency

How can fashion media and communications tackle the climate emergency? Fashion Declares hosted a July webinar to address just this. Fashion Declares founder Safia Minney was joined by photographer Dvora, commentator on fashion and identity Caryn Franklin, co-founder of Vestiaire Collective Fanny Moizant and group CEO of Futerra Lucy Shea to tackle the topic.

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1.5 degree lifestyle

Environmental campaigner Rosalind Readhead considers the challenge of individuals in reducing their carbon footprint and the incorporation of this in the latest IPPC report.

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chimneys with emissions

A COP Out?

REAL Sustainability takes a look in the aftermath of COP 26 what is achieved and where it fell short.

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