Is tech possible without the cost of exploitative practices of workers and toxic shock to the Planet? Learn more about innovative solutions happening in technology with our expertly curated content and resources.

The technology sector continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, with high-tech solutions continually being found for age-old problems. The benefits  this boom has bought are innumerable. Unfortunately, so too are the environmental and social costs. Conflict funding mineral extraction, exploitative manufacturing facilities and unsustainable disposal devices – so called ‘waste’ products – are just some of the problems faced by the industry.

Despite turning enormous profits, to date, tech-companies have not really grappled  with the need for change. This said, through a combination of legislative change, greener energy infrastructure investment and improved product design, we are just beginning to see the industry shift its position.Here are some of the major issues and innovative new solutions to them. This list is far from exhaustive but we hope it can act as a guide to key actions and issues in each sector.

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