Author: Poppy Fitzpatrick

How can we promote transparency, accountability and governance in the fashion industry?

How can we make reporting environmental standards and social impact in fashion supply chains more transparent and strengthen the systems that support this? Customers, investors, and regulators are increasingly demanding verifications and accountability from fashion companies. Environmental and social impact need to be central to a company’s governance alongside profit, as well as democratisation and diversification of a company’s governing structure.

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How to Build Circular & Regenerative models for the Fashion Industry

Why do we need to transition from a linear to a circular economy, and how do we do this in the fashion industry? How can we deliver a fair and just transition for all? A circular economy in fashion gives us the chance to cut production and tackle waste, pollution, and the climate, ecological and biodiversity crises. How can we make the shift whilst delivering fair livelihoods for the millions of workers in fashion supply chains?

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