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Restorative 20s

REAL Sustainability attended the Sustainable Brands webinar on Regenerative Business. Regeneration goes beyond being sustainable not just restoring a system but improving its ability to restore itself. Representatives from fashion brand Timberland, food company General Mills and HowGood talked about some of the issues particularly regenerative agriculture.

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Business Meets the Doughnut

Doughnut economics is a model based on ensuring all people get the essentials of life within planetary boundaries. Kate Raworth, who pioneered the approach, talks about how business needs to be distributive and regenerative to do the doughnut. This requires consideration when designing the purpose, networks, governance, ownership and finance of enterprises.

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Circular and Fair Business Models

REAL Sustainability attended the webinar to launch the Circular Economy report Avoiding Blindspots: Promoting Circular and Fair Business Models. The circular economy has the potential to conserve materials and resources and thereby significantly reduce emissions and biodiversity loss. To make this happen, there needs to be change to business and economic models.

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Measuring the Environmental Impact of Your Products

Carbon Intelligence (CI) supports businesses with their strategies to net zero through life cycle assessments (LCA). LCA is a science-based methodology for measuring the environmental impacts of any product or service. CI determines the best type of LCA to align with clients’ objectives. Policy, finance, consumer pressure and technology mean that product will be the focus for the next decade.

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