How dirty is your wardrobe?

Find out with Emma Watson and thredUP's new fashion footprint calculator

Actress and sustainable fashion advocate, Emma Watson, has partnered with US-based secondhand clothing website ThredUp, launching a quick “Fashion Footprint Calculator”.

This user-friendly CO2 calculator covers the footprint of buying new clothes or secondhand, buying online or in store, how much we return products if we do buy online, to how many washes we do per month. This wonderful tool, gives you a fashion footprint score in less than ten minutes!

It’s a great resource to use in groups too. Why not try using it before showing the True Cost movie or another great documentary on fashion’s cost to people and the planet? 

It’s an excellent tool for raising awareness and teaching teens and adults alike about the impact of our wardrobes.

According to thredUP, the average person's wardrobe is responsible for 1620 lbs per year. -thredup

how did you score?

Let us know how you scored on thredUP’s fashion footprint calculator.

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