Earth Logic

REAL Sustainability joined the webinar “Earth Logic – Grow out of Growth” part of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Less, or de-growth, requires transformation of mindset and culture. To produce less, we must view having less work as a positive outcome. There needs to be greater value addition from the global South and a change in the media narrative.

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Frequent Flyer Levy

REAL Sustainability joined an online discussion hosted by campaign group Possible on its proposed Frequent Flyer Levy (FFL). Aviation emissions are set to increase due to rising demand and lack of low carbon technology. 70% of UK flights are taken by 15% of the population taking three or more return flights annually. FFL would be a progressive tax targeting them.

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Regenerative Leadership and Business

Biomimicry is attuning human behaviour with the wider world. Regenerative Leadership is driven by a range of systemic challenges from globalisation to climate breakdown. It proposes new leadership logic where organisations flourish, ecosystems thrive and people feel alive. The growing importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and Circular Economics shows things are changing.

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