The REAL Planner is undated and quarterly, helping you organise your life and your work in a more sustainable and caring way. Designed by Safia Minney and the REAL Sustainability team.


We’ve seen a huge shift in attitudes towards the climate, ecological and social crises – and many of us want to act. Every day and every action could make a difference to reducing the impact to our home, our planet. We need everyone to do more and inspire those around them to act too – whether in their organisations, at home or in their communities.  

It can feel overwhelming. We know many people just don’t know where to start. That’s why we designed this website and the REAL Planner.

Safia Minney, Founder and CEO of REAL Sustainability, wanted to produce a sustainable planner to support other change-makers like herself, after years of not finding the right tool, she designed the REAL Planner. 🙂

Profits from the REAL Planner will help to fund REAL to do more investigative research, run the website, create tools and run webinars on sustainability, climate action and social inclusion to support leaders.


  • RRP £25 for a quarterly, Diary Planner
  • A5, 240 pages, bookmark and ribbon with Yellow or Black cover.
  • Undated – start at any time!
  • Helps you break down and manage your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals and tasks.
  • Weekly reflection to promote balance between your professional life and personal well-being.
  • Book-based tool produced to the highest standards of sustainability.
  • Inspiring quotes from women and men (predominantly female voices for a Change).
  • Offers Self-Coaching tips, Climate and Ecological facts and useful Website index.

What People Are Saying About the REAL DIARY PLANNER!

The REAL Planner

Having been frustrated for years using unsustainably-produced, uninspiring, conventional planners, Safia decided to combine her skills as an executive coach, her experience as a business leader and her deep understanding of sustainability to design one herself. The result is the quarterly REAL Planner in yellow or black.

The planner helps you set goals for the year then break them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily targets. It helps you set key priorities, actions and tasks with space for weekly reviews and planning the week ahead. These daily and weekly habits promote personal growth and regenerative leadership. Be inspired by quotes change-makers. From around the world and through the ages. The planner has a section at the end for notes and sketches.

The REAL Planner is your companion on your journey to be more sustainable and supports self-coaching. It helps you plan, focus, organise, act and reflect. It is undated giving you flexibility and also reducing waste. It is a stylish, 240 page, A5, two page per day (one at weekends) planner. It’s produced using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and the most sustainable accessories including a bookmark and ribbon. It will be printed in the UK by an ISO 14001 certified company.

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REAL is a community interest company that aims to support citizens and organisational leaders to transition to carbon zero and sustainability, founded by Safia Minney & friends.

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