Fashion Communications & Building a creative narrative

By Millie Baker

At COP26, the UNCFFF agreed to building new fashion communications. ‘The charter calls for the industry to “align” its communications efforts to entice consumers to lead lives that help limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels’ (Sustainable fashion communication: The new rules, Bella Webb, Vogue Business).


In this Fashion Declares webinar we discussed what this will look like and the barriers to making it happen.


Safia Minney was joined by a creatives and comms expert panel and audience to discuss Fashion Communications & Building the Creative Narrative – a group that will meet again on July 20th, 4pm BST.


– Rosalind Readhead, Sustainable living champion of the 1 tonne lifestyle

– Bel Jacobs, Fashion Act Now, former Fashion Editor of Metro

– Dvora, Photographer

– Alicia Reguera, Creative lead at The Body Shop

– Safia Minney, People Tree, REAL Sustainability, Fashion Declares

zoom meeting

The discussion was also opened up to the wider audience to talk about the issues people have experienced and the solutions needed, both at a practical level and how to change mindset shifts and behaviour through the creative. The aim: to build new marketing and inspiring narratives to promote sustainable living, climate action and inclusivity to encourage us to live within planetary boundaries and deliver a fair world for everyone.


Rosalind explained her sustainable, low carbon lifestyle and lifestyle choices to help keep global temperature rise to within 1.5 degrees. Rosalind lives on 1 tonne of carbon per year and provided a detailed breakdown of how she has achieved this.


Bel talked about how her role as fashion editor had been, “key in promoting the consumption of fashion.” The Rana Plaza tragedy had been her turning point and since then she has been a fashion activist “every new piece of clothing that is produced today [for many in the global north] is essentially a luxury.”

Bel talked about the roles of hope and fear as we move forward in this space. We must have both in the fashion communications of the future.


Dvora spoke on her journey as a photographer, navigating the world of communications, and her struggle to find engaging visual storytelling currently in sustainable communications. “If fashion doesn’t move we will lose gen Z and everyone else in-between, from Billie Eilish to Jane Fonda.” She spoke on the responsibility of fashion communications to change as currently “fashion is gambling away its long-term credibility for the sake of avoiding the issues.”


Finally, Alicia shared her journey of being a creative, and keeping true to her values whilst trying to earn a living. She is now using her art to communicate the emergency in a different way, not just through negative information but through creating inspiring collage, illustration, and graphics. However, she noted that “as a creative, I am really worried about the future.”


The webinar was then opened to the whole group, looking at the current words that describe fashion advertising and how they must change, and then to how a new form of communications could look.

This led to a wider discussion amongst the group about the current visual storytelling within sustainable fashion communications, and the direction it needs to head to remain exciting and inspiring. Watch the full recording and do attend our next meeting to find out more and share you opinion on this vast topic.


Next Fashion Comms meeting is on July 20th, do join us by signing up here.