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Change Your World Workshop


A workshop run by Safia Minney and James Smith for change makers and people leading in sustainability on learning how to listen to your body and instincts. We are also inviting our REAL volunteer group to join us and other people interested in getting involved with REAL or learning more about REAL Sustainability. Changing your […]

A Brief History of Censorship – From the Ancients to Fake News


Ethical Matters: A Brief History of Censorship – From the Ancients to Fake News Eric Berkowitz reveals why and how humanity has, from the beginning, sought to silence itself. From the egregious to the absurd, Berkowitz takes the reader on unruly yet captivating ride through history, highlighting the use of censorship to reinforce class, race […]


Gardening as a Spiritual Practice

Dartington Trust South Devon

ABOUT THIS COURSE On this course, you’ll experience gardening as a spiritual as well as a practical way of life, explore why humans are universally attracted to a beautiful garden, and understand the relationship between gardens, civilization, and the soul. This beautiful course will help you to experience the Divine in Nature and will teach […]


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REAL is a community interest company that aims to support citizens and organisational leaders to transition to carbon zero and sustainability, founded by Safia Minney & friends.

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