Climate Crisis Exhibition Booth/Visualiser – 17th October

Visualising the extent to which the climate emergency has impacted our world is often sometimes difficult and not a reality people are willing to confront. A booth, presented by UCL Climate Action Society, with simple, visually-pleasing representations of the negative implications of climate will help spur that confrontation.


Bloomsbury Festival: The Zero Waste Lifestyle – Feasible or Idealistic? – 17th October

This interactive workshop aims to spread awareness on the Zero-Waste movement and breakdown misconceptions and barriers that deter people from it. This workshop will have two sections; the first focuses on the movement as a whole and how a zero-waste lifestyle can be economically viable. The second will be a fun, interactive session where participants can make zero-waste ‘do-it-yourself’ versions of common products such as deodorant and soap.


Sustainable Fashion, Bloomsbury Festival – 17th October

Sustainable fashion trailblazer, Ms Tammam, takes you through her journey to create a sustainable couture fashion label and her vision for the future of fashion, with an opportunity for a Q&A with the artist.


Heart n Soul at the Hub – Inclusive Futures – 17th October

Heart n Soul at The Hub is a research project led by people with and without learning disabilities and autistic people, exploring the value of difference and challenging what is ‘normal’. In this session the Inclusive Futures team will share their project and think critically about our world and our future.


The New (Neuro) Normal – 17th October

As lockdown gripped the country, millions turned to technology to maintain vital social contact and connection. For some brain injury survivors, the widening of the digital landscape actually opened fresh avenues of opportunity; bringing to light previously unimagined futures.

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