By Kevin Boon



Environmental campaigner Rosalind Readhead talked at the Fashion Declares event Fashion Communications and Building the Creative Narrative.

To achieve 1.5oC maximum warning warming we need individual change but also change to systems.

the challenge

Rosaling decided to try and live at 1 tCO2s per annum (2.7 kg/d). She looked at typical products and services. Some interesting ones are:

Car (per mile) = 540 g

Public transport (per mile) = 80 g

Streaming video on laptop = 130 g per hour

Non-recyclable rubbish = 700 g / kg

Rice = 4 kg / kg

Air-freighted strawberries = 1.8 kg per punnet


There are lots of good lifestyle zero or low carbon options for example cycling (3 g / mile), walking, cooking from fresh, pre-used clothing, repairing.

Rosalind also talked about the new (2022) IPPC report WG3. For the first time the IPPC consider demand-side mitigation (what people are actually demanding and consuming). It refers to car-free living, plant-based diets, low-carbon sources of electricity and local holidays. These can help reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by up to 9  tCO2s per annum. It also talks about infrastructure and policy needing to change but there is a lot that can be achieved through personal changes.

During the question and answer section of the event, Rosalind stressed that infact constraint drives creativity. She also talked about cultural metamorphosis and the need to be much deeper and expansive in the way we look at the climate crisis.